Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The resurrection of a hipster.






My darlingest darling friend Kate sent me a NEW pair of my destroyed sunglasses! Look at my excitement in the photo above!

She sent them in a brown sugar box with a handmade card featuring a sweet message (*you fucking hipster) and a drawing of the glasses on cardstock of a similar color! Totally BRILL!

 SOOOOOOOOO - These came at a PERFECT time. Work this week has not been great, 3 days, 35 hours logged so far. I've been worried about Kelle and her dad, my Jeep was in the shop over the weekend, and one of the biggest influences in Columbus's independent radio scene and a local hero in my mind, Andyman, passed away this week. That has been surprisingly hard. I cry in the car everyday on my way home from work because the whole community is missing him and the DJs at CD101 talk about him all the time and tell great stories. I can't help but wonder, who will keep independent radio alive as well as he did? Who will be as invested in his community as he was in his job and his family like Andy was? As I know all too well, no one will ever fill his shoes – and no one should try, but we can keep his memory and his goals alive.

Anyway, because I've been feeling a little down (but not too far down – I generally have a peppy outlook), these glasses were an even bigger hit for me than they would have been if I'd gotten home at 6 after an awesome day at work driving home with the top off on my newly repaired Jeep. Instead, they have jumpstarted me into a GREAT mindset to head off to my home, well, ONE of my homes (my cabin) this weekend.

I'll be relaxin to the maxin with my NEW AWESOME SUNGLASSES!!!

I told my mom yesterday that I was so excited about going on vacation that I want to pack 6 pairs of sunglasses (I love sunglasses). We'll see how many actually get packed. I'll take a picture and post it later.

I'll also take LOADS of pictures of M!CH!GAN! and post them as well. I hope I get good ones.

PS - I'm taking these up for a raffle at my family reunion:

Mini foods made of Sculpy. Sorry for all the bad incandescent lighting in all of these photos!

See you in a few weeks, friends!


  1. Yes! I'm glad they arrived intact thanks to the structural integrity of my packaging. The best part of that box is the tagline under Domino:

    We'll Always Be Your Sugar.

    Hell yeah you will, baby. Hell yeah.
    I love you mucho, yfh.

  2. That is hilarious! Genius gift presentation! I'm so happy you have your glasses! Want to go to Montana in September??

  3. What a cool package!!