Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Comic Sans is more feminine than Arial"

So, this might be WAY graphic design insider specific, but today, these words were uttered at a walkthrough (at work - I work in retail as a graphic designer at home office),
"I'm just saying, this font is kind of masculine – I mean don't you think that Comic Sans is more feminine than Arial?"

WHAT? Who uses COMIC SANS?!?

I just couldn't believe it.

When our VP of Marketing looked at her and said, "You want me to use Comic Sans?", you could hear a pin drop. You could also hear me laugh one "HA!" out loud - I couldn't keep it in! I love that he stood there and put her on blast.

PS - we design with Helvetica Neue. It's a workhorse and it's beautiful. I know some people hate it, but it makes everything look finished without a lot of work (leading, kerning, etc). WE DO NOT DESIGN WITH ARIAL.


  1. Say What?! who uses comic sans??? Bailey would and that is because she isn't even two! People are crazy! I love that you let out a HA!

  2. I only knew what 3 of the words you just said meant. What the hell is kerning?
    I prefer to type all my work emails in 'Chiller'. It's spooky, but in an inoffensive, girlish sort of way.
    Did someone say pond of llamas?

  3. This made me think of you.

    Hope your day is super amazing.