Monday, May 31, 2010

Check out my friend:

Thom Glick

Click to Thom's blog featuring illustrations & his most recent post about FLOR using his illustrations on this flooring:

He's kind of amazing... so please check him out!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I want this in real life.

I was looking at my old phone the other day:

And I was inspired – I want to make this happen:

Let's do it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grateful for Jeans, BUT...

So, awhile back, the CEO of Charming Shoppes Inc. (Lane Bryant's corporate parent) made it acceptable to wear jeans everyday and everyone's morale shot through the roof.

I think the next morale booster will be instating "Mad Men" style drinking at our desks.

I'm drinking my scotch out of this:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lane Bryant – Mall of America

Hello friends!

I just wanted to share some photos of the marketing and interior elements that I designed (and worked with vendors to create!) for Lane Bryant's new prototype store at Mall of America.

I'll post some here and for the rest, you can link to my mobile me gallery.


Here is the window as you come off the escalator/elevator. The glowing logo is a part of the wall, so we had to be creative with what to do to draw attention and make this window cohesive with the rest of the marketing (a fresh–picked spring/summer theme) – so, I added butterflies colored with an array of our signature floral prints for the season.

The window walls below have large vinyl decals with 3–D flowers popping out to add a layer of interest.

The front entrance is simple – I brought the flowers from the window into the interior above the shelves throughout the space.

We also brought the butterflies from the first window into the space and sprinkled them throughout.

Here are more shots of flowers – the center of the store needed something big – so, I made a big statement with this oversized vase of flowers.


To call out the different styles of jeans, I added vinyl lettering to the tops of the pant forms around the center table.

The color story in the linen room is black, white and orange, so we kept the same floral/butterfly idea, but had the flowers converted to grey scale and the butterflies became 100% orange.

Throughout the store there are little alcoves with glass shelves, so we created a backdrop to sit behind the glass shelves and tie the space together.

Utilizing the alcoves that flank the Cacique department, we used them to make our "Summer Solutions" statement – clean and straightforward.

As I said before, there are more images, but this is a pretty good overview. However, click here to see the gallery if you just can't get enough.

Thanks for looking!

Nearly Satisfied

My portable home office keeps growing (and getting better) with this little addition:

a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet

I was going to spring for the large tablet, but I figured that this one will be a little more easily transported AND as much as I'd love to say that I always sketch and design with my whole arm, the fact of the matter is that I don't make THAT many grand, sweeping movements while drawing and my wrist ends up being the prime motion location.

Anyway - still working on branding Kelle... just wishing this guy was already here so that it would be a LITTLE easier.

But– as we know, patience is a virtue and I shall be patient.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Lake House

So, after my last post, I came downstairs and what was on the TV, but THE LAKE HOUSE.


That's right.

No photo attached... yet.

Since I changed the theme of my blog to a "do whatever I want" blog, I've decided to post about things that have happened so far today that have made me happy.

Here goes -

•   Watched Sunshine Cleaning on my iPad
•   Played Google Pacman approximately 4 times
•   Got a phone call thanking me for my hard work this week (unexpected and really nice!)
•   Finally got a good digital start on rebranding my pal Kelle Dame
•   Got a good start on rebranding myself
•   Uploaded pictures of my work at the Mall of America Lane Bryant for my upcoming blog post
•   It's breezy and a little drizzly but not yet storming, so the natural light and temperature in this room are currently AMAZING with the window open.

Look for a new post soon! Perhaps I will continue to draw for this thing... we'll see what the future holds!

PS - I just looked at Netflix Top 100 and saw The Lake House. Seriously?