Saturday, May 22, 2010

No photo attached... yet.

Since I changed the theme of my blog to a "do whatever I want" blog, I've decided to post about things that have happened so far today that have made me happy.

Here goes -

•   Watched Sunshine Cleaning on my iPad
•   Played Google Pacman approximately 4 times
•   Got a phone call thanking me for my hard work this week (unexpected and really nice!)
•   Finally got a good digital start on rebranding my pal Kelle Dame
•   Got a good start on rebranding myself
•   Uploaded pictures of my work at the Mall of America Lane Bryant for my upcoming blog post
•   It's breezy and a little drizzly but not yet storming, so the natural light and temperature in this room are currently AMAZING with the window open.

Look for a new post soon! Perhaps I will continue to draw for this thing... we'll see what the future holds!

PS - I just looked at Netflix Top 100 and saw The Lake House. Seriously?

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