Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is with sadness that I announce

The demise of my favorite sunglasses:

A cheap pair of Faux Bans from Target... I guess that's why you buy the REAL Ray Bans... But at $145 who can do it?!?

I might just have to see if:
a) Target has any more
b) Lenscrafters has the Ray Ban version
c) if my insurance would subsidize their cost... PSYCH!

I love that color. I love those frames. They were rescued once from the Gulf floor and once from the Gap fitting room. They drew the attention of car horns and made perfectly early 90's looking sunglass-mirrors for fluffing my hair after a particularly windy Jeep ride.

They are already missed, however, I can't yet throw them out. Maybe I'll make clever art out of them...

And with that, goodnight (says the girl in plain, black, 6 year old Covergirl frames from her perch in bed with a tear in her eye)!

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  1. I will not stand for this. You mark my words: you will have those glasses again or my name isn't Superfly McHotpants.

    Now, no more tears from you, my dear.

    Superfly McHotpants

  2. on a more selfish note: can you see my little picture next to my name when I post things? I think I deleted something from that picassa thing and now I just see an X where my beautiful face used to be. I realize that, just like breaking your sunglasses, this will also make you sad. Sorry to pour salt on the wound.
    S McH

  3. Kate,

    I cannot see your photo. I'm now crying myself to sleep.

    Thanks for all the salt.

    Love, Jess