Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I'm working on...

Hello all,

So I know it's been some time since I posted anything of substance, so here is... something.

These are just sketches done on my iPad, inspired by doodles created whilst on a conference call at work, but I hope that they will be the beginning of a line of characters I like to call, "Paisley Pets" (a working title). So, here they are:

I'm thinking they can become pretty prints, and they can go on kids' clothes and on totes for folks of all ages. They are obviously just sketches at this point, but I'm excited about what they can become!

I'm also working on some Drummond Island themed designs because it is where my heart resides 80% of the time (probably because I have no significant other – if anyone knows any single AMAZING men, I'm just saying, I could work on THAT too!).

Here's a little peak:

I'll be there in a few weeks, and I plan to post a BUNCH of photos. I want to give my new camera a good workout!

On a serious end note, I received word today that a very good friend's father is not in great health, so anyone who prays (or anything of the like), if you'd just think of her and her father (anonymously, since I'm not naming names!), I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.

Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Oh my gosh - I love this! Too cute.

  2. I love these!! How cute! And that Drummond Island print is awesome! You should put that on some T-Shirts and sell them! SBO!!!
    I love you and thanks for the shout out for my dad.