Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I've been working on - outside of work!

So, I've been working on branding Kelle in my spare time - it has been fun, not only because she's one of my oldest friends, but because she let me have free reign and do whatever I wanted for her brand. Normally, with a client I don't know, this would be nightmare–making; however, with Kelle, it allowed me to stretch out my designer skills in a way that I haven't since college. I was able to explore and push and bring it back in and I ended up with several options that we both love.

Here are Kelle's favorites:

And here is a gallery of other calling card options: Kelle's cards

If anyone else wants me to stretch my wings for them, let me know!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Oooh! Ooh!! I do! I do!!
    I don't actually need calling cards since I don't technically want people to call me, but I'd be really interested to see what my image means to you.
    If, as you're reading this, you are envisioning a pair of neon green thigh-high boots and a whip similar to the one Indiana Jones used in The Temple of Doom, then congratulations ~ you nailed it!
    Love to the max,

  2. I love K8!! She cracks me up! Love your post too! This definitely brightens my day filled with neon snot and 12 hour cough marathons!

  3. You are amazing! i love the cards you designed. I got to your blog thru Kelle dame. I read the story of how you two met and I laughed out loud. So cute.