Monday, June 7, 2010


So, after years (Years? Years.) of looking for a throw pillow for my bed, a little email from etsy led me to THIS:

This is so brill because it matches my 2 favorite duvets AND I love The Birds (and really, anything Hitchcocky).

I'm in love.

Click here for the shop where you can find some more amazing pillows, like this one:

Of which, I'd buy 2. One for Kelle
and one for Kate.

Beautiful - I cannot WAIT for this mail to arrive.

And let's not even START talking about this:



  1. Sold! Bring mine to the beach. When I pick you up from the airport I'll say "Pillow of GTFO". If you think I'm kidding, just try me.

    Are Kelle and I the same person? How lucky for you to have doubles of us occurring naturally in your life. Does this also mean I have a baby? Uh oh...

  2. Have I told you how much I love Kate?!? She makes me laugh every time!! She must come to my house with you soon! And don't even think about coming to visit without that pillow! I will lock you out! Your fabulous bedroom needs that pillow!

    I love that you got the hitchcock pillow it is so you!

  3. OMG!! I love this shop!! I want all those pillows!

  4. Pillow OR gtfo...sorry, I know you were confused

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