Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still alive


I've been working like a mad woman and traveling to the likes of Kenosha, Wisconsin (to visit kelle dame). So, I haven't been updating - but I HAVE been scouting locations (for a possible future store), meeting random people, playing with Bailey and garage sale-ing around this weekend. Kelle and I met a man who is selling our dream house (for the future store):

 Please don't call the realtor unless you are buying this house for us. We already cut some woman in Ray Bans talking about how it's super cheap because "I guess we're not in Chicago!" CUT.

Just kidding - no bloodshed, but don't tempt me please.

We did buy some cool books from him, one of which was this:
Over which Kelle screamed "IT'S MADELINE!!!" causing the man to know that she was leaving his property WITH the book. We also bought a rosemary bush and a large glass jug (for home brewing) and after I told Kelle that if her father-in-law starts making hard cider, he'd better call me, the homeowner gave us some of his homemade hard cider (yet to be consumed). I can't wait to live in his house. ;)

Anyway - we also met a cool chick at the farmer's market this morning, from whom we bought these:

Visit her etsy shop or her blog to see more. She was really cool and it seems as though she is traveling from Porland (my beloved Portland), Oregon selling her wares, so if you see her in your neighborhood, say hi!

Okay, this is it. Visit Kelle's blog and etsy shop - we're working hard at them so that we can become a brick & mortar enterprise!

PS - sorry for the crap photos - my camera is in Ohio - my iPhone (3G still for a week or so) is having to suffice!

With love from Kenosha,

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