Monday, January 3, 2011

Kate + James + Yosemite = Save the Date!

Hello, hello!

I've been busy like a whirling dervish lately, but the results are GREAT! I'm working a lot and producing work that I love, including...


The illustration was a combo effort – I pulled together the background and asked Kate to draw herself and James – she has always done such a great job at illustrating people in a fun, beautiful way, so I thought that she should DEFINITELY be the person to draw the two of them. I think it looks great, and it's the first combo effort from the two of us since high school (maybe even ever!). I love her – I'm so happy to be her maid of honor!

Next up for Kate & James from me: INVITATIONS!

Next up for me in the freelancing world: a meeting with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra to design for their upcoming gala!

Next up for this blog: a posting of beautiful gifts from my birthday & Christmas – I'm a lucky girl with talented and loving friends & family!


  1. Ahhh!!! I love this!!! Sooo cute and completely unique!!
    I can't even wait to see the invitations! And OMG!!! you didn't tell me about the orchestra gig!!!! How Exciting!!! I'm practically peeing!!
    I LOVE you and you ROCK!! Keep it coming lady!

  2. Kelle, I'm totally peeing, too!

    JB, you are AMAZING! In your FACE, everyone else getting married this year! BOO YA!!