Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, I told you I'd update once Kate's invitations were in the mail, and look what I received today (designed by yours truly):

The envelope: addressed to me and  Jon Hamm – he was a last minute addition.

liner: designed by me, lovingly printed, trimmed and adhered by Amy & Mrs. Clements

The invite

The RSVP front

The RSVP back

The map front

The map back
 I'm so excited!!! I'll tell you all which song I'm requesting... after my RSVP has been received by Kate.

PS - I opened up my fortune cookie this afternoon and found this:

Let's see who it is!!! Maybe it means the mother of this child:

These were the pictures that iPhoto decided to show me when I hooked up my phone to download the invitation pictures. Bailey is now 2, but these pictures had me laughing out loud – so cute – so I thought I'd share! She's only a couple days old in these photos. I LOVE THAT GIRL!

Okay, more designs soon – I swear!!!


  1. Oh. My. God. I am MORTIFIED that I spelled Jon Hamm's name wrong on your invite! Please do let him know how sorry I am!

    These invitations are the most beautiful invitations I've ever seen and I love them and I love you!

    You are amazing.


  2. They really are the best invitations ever Jessica! Are you interested in joining Tramp Stamp Stationery? We would then have to call it Jessica Stamp Stationery and Kate and I could just be around to make you laugh and keep you happy :) I loooove them!!!

  3. These are insanely cool!!! I have NEVER seen an invitation like this!!! Girrrrl sheeeeit!!! Those pics of Bailey almost make me cry! I can't even believe that was her! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! That time we spent together with her in those first days mean the WORLD to me!!!
    P.S. Who is John?
    P.S.S. You will have all the Louis frames you so desire! I told Chet ALL of them have MY NAME on them!! He does what I say ;)
    Love you