Thursday, February 3, 2011

Late? Maybe!

So, I said long ago that I'd update this blog with photos of GIFTS for yours truly... so here are a couple of things that I received for my late December birthday - they definitely made my day and they were all given to me by ladies whose names start with "K"!

From Kelle (and Bailey - not a K name), I got this beautiful butter dish (posing as a jewelry holder) and a beautiful brooch:

The note made me laugh, "When you open the butterdish, listen for the way it says, 'shrrrring!' - sounds fancy! [heart] you" because it's TRUE! I think of it every day when I open the dish (and I do, everyday, regardless of whether I'm wearing posts or hook earrings because all the backs are in the dish - my neck is too short and I love scarves too much not to wear them and risk hook earrings falling on to the floor or ice when I'm ice skating). I realize that I didn't get the brooch in the photos... but Kelle did, awhile ago:
I could go and take my own shot, but I'm choosing to be lazy tonight!

These girls also left me the BEST birthday message - Bailey yelling, "I LOVE YOU, JESS – I LOVE YOU JESS!!!" made my whole YEAR!

Kailen (my goddaughter) sent (via her mother, my cousin Kelly) this awesome card:
colored by Kailen herself - I love that Kelly didn't make her do it in a certain way, she just let her go and be herself (one and three quarters years old!) – I love it!

Next, from Kate I received this beautiful print of my beloved MICHIGAN(!):
and eyeshadow that has resulted in no less than 20 compliments:
by Sonia Kashuk - who knew!?!

Finally, from my friend Katie, I received exactly what I asked for. I donation to The Water Project:

It was a great birthday! My sister and brother also gave money to The Water Project and my mom bought me an electric toothbrush (which I TOTALLY wanted!), my other sister and the same brother got me Kanye West and Taylor Swift's new CDs (I made them fight over a Beyoncé CD), and my friends Joel and Melissa got me so much Alice and Wonderland dishware that I can't wait to eat all day! JUST KIDDING!!!

What a good year and I'm sure that 2011 will be even better!

I hope everyone is surviving under all of this ice and snow! Keep warm!

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  1. I LOVE that card from Kailen!!! It's so sweet! Kids know how to make the best cards! I laughed when you said you WANTED an electric toothbrush! You know how I feel about those :)
    Hope you're having a great week my dear!!
    Love you!